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The Horwood's Hope Campaign

The Horwood Stained Glass Museum hopes to purchase the First Baptist Church in Ogdensburg,
NY as it's new home. The Baptist church in Ogdensburg is still a very active and viable organization
and by downsizing, more funding would become available for their many active and ongoing projects
and they will continue to do so from a newer and somewhat smaller location.

The comer stone for the present structure was laid in 1830 and the church was completed in 1833.
The architecture is federal Gothic and built with limestone quarried locally. A severe fire destroyed
most of the church in 1881 but a fervent congregation quickly rebuilt. All of the windows in the church
have been replaced by between 1890 and the 1940s by Harry James Horwood who operated a stained
glass studio in Ogdensburg until his death in 1947. Hundreds of Horwood windows can be found
throughout Northern New York State as well as Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

The Museum can document many hundreds of windows by many artists that existed but are now destroyed
or lost as well as a large number of windows that fall into the threatened or severely threatened
category. We must not allow this to continue, this precious art must be saved, or soon it will be gone
forever. The Horwood Stained Glass Museum was founded and chartered in 2014 to address this problem.


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