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Horwood Stained Glass History


Horwood stained glass is renowned across the United States and Canada.  This company was a family business.  The patriarch of the family, Harry Horwood, was born in England in 1838.  Harry and his brothers were taught to make stained glass windows by the Rev. William M. Blackwell.  Harry Horwood left England in 1861 settling in Toronto.  He remained there until 1864, returning to England to work with his brothers.  He, his wife and 6 children emigrated to Ottawa in 1876, then New York City.  While in New York Harry and his son Harry J, who was born in 1865 in England, repaired the stained glass windows of the Vanderbilt Mansion.


There are many fine examples of Horwood stained glass windows throughout the city of Ogdensburg that still survive today.  Among those including:  The Frederic Remington Museum, The First Presbyterian Church, Notre Dame Church, the Congregational Church, and the First Baptist Church.



David E. Martin

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Notre Dame Church windows:


First Presbyterian Church:  David Martin

First Baptist Church:  David Martin

Frederic Remington Museum:  David Martin





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